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Check out my older podcast "Where Ya From?" It's about origin stories - literal, metaphorical, and beyond.  All your links are here.

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About Sara

Sara Benincasa is a stand-up comedian, actress, college speaker on mental health awareness, and the author of "Real Artists Have Day Jobs" (William Morrow 2016); "DC Trip" (Adaptive 2015); "Great" (HarperTeen 2014); and "Agorafabulous!: Dispatches From My Bedroom" (William Morrow 2012). She also wrote a very silly joke book called "Tim Kaine Is Your Nice Dad."  She hosts the self-help podcast "Well, This Isn't Normal" and combines interviews with relaxation techniques. Before that, she hosted the podcast "Where Ya From?" and interviewed Ben Stiller, Michael Arceneaux and others about their origin stories (geographic and otherwise.) In 2017, she adapted "DC Trip" as a screenplay with Bona Fide, Gunpowder & Sky, and Adaptive Studios. She also adapted "Agorafabulous" as a pilot for TV with Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody. Recent roles include "Corporate" on Comedy Central (2018), "Bill Nye Saves The World"" on Netflix (2017), "The Jim Gaffigan Show" on TVLand (2016) and the critically acclaimed short film "The Focus Group" (2016), which she also wrote. read more